Chairman: Shri Dwarika Prasad Gupta


The company, Regent Ajanta Biotech was founded in the year of 2007 and was under the guidance of our esteemed chairman Shri Dwarika Prasad Gupta. Since 2012, under the guidance of this philanthropy the company has seen immense growth and success. Mr. Gupta has built a top-class leadership pipeline for the company as it spread its wings domestically as well as globally. With his life experience and motto “Moving forward is what make things happen”, he has been able to achieve his dream of contributing to the society and providing the community with a better standard of lifestyle. He has built up a diligent team of professionals which adopt latest techniques for developing the entire range of high quality of medicines.


Representing the 3 rd generation of the family, Mr. Ankit Gupta pursued his studies from UK and Singapore. He has played a key role in successfully incubating and shaping Regent Ajanta Biotech, and spearheading Regent’s ambitious foray in foreign market. Using the leadership and management skills acquired from London School Of Economics & University of New Castle, Australia, he has built a top class leadership pipeline for the company as it continues to spread its wings globally. As the director of the company, he not only deals with Board and governance issues but also focuses on hiring new talent, strategic planning and corporate culture.The success of the company has been achieved due to the presence of a team which understands their responsibilities under the leadership of Mr. Ankit Gupta. With the ultra-modern plant that has been designed keeping the international standards in mind and the involvement of our director and chairman himself whose experience and knowledge ensures that each formulation that leaves the company is of utmost quality and proves its effectiveness to the end customer.

Director: Mr. Ankit Gupta


Regent Ajanta Biotech believes in empowering people, therefore, to fulfill its corporate vision, it aims to acquire, retain and advance the talent of the employees.

We at Regent Ajanta Biotech, provide a proper orientation and training to each new employee. We at Regent believe in women empowerment and thus we have 60% women of the total employees.

The company follows a strict hygiene and sanitation protocol and abides by the labor law. The company provides a safe, comfortable and ever challenging work environment. We are proud of our transparent system of management and involvement of our employees in the decision-making process. The long stay of employees in the organization and their career growth is a testimony of our working environment and efforts.